Owl cake pops

I once read an interesting article about how the mind finds what it seeks. Well, when I was asked to make owl cake pops, I suddenly noticed these cute owl stuff – paper bags, greeting cards, etc – in the dollar shops everywhere! It helped provide some inspiration. I made these owls with two colour […]

flower butterfly cake pops

I had plenty of plans for my little sweetie’s first birthday. Hey, I can do lollies and cake pops and such, and I do them for other people so often! I had ideas about decorating the buffet table and venue. But I learnt that when I’m hosting the party, I’m actually far too busy to […]

Hen cake pops

Hen cake pops for a hen night. I made the hens a little cutesy, because proper looking hens would have been just weird.

Mickey Mouse cake pops

I’ve been really bad about blogging lately. as with any of these initiatives, life and work catches up with you! When I was young, I had a hat with those ears, and sang along with the Mouseketeers, “M-i-c, K-e-y, M-o-u-s-e…” When my boys were little, they sang the modern version on the Disney channel, “M-i-c-k-e-y, […]

Christening cake pops

Aren’t these christening cake pops sweet? I wish I came up with the design, but I didn’t, the aunt did. The most difficult part by far of these pops are the little crosses. Firstly, I was pedantic about the size of the crosses. They had to be small enough to sit nicely on the cake […]

Cake shaped cake pops

Happy birthday, Bohemia! You ‘re two! And you rock! Ok, I’ll bet the last one was lost on you. Human faces are not my forte, and I told them as such, but they said they were happy for some resemblance. The most difficult cake pop to make is actually of a human face, because the […]

wedding shower cake pops

What’s a Jack and Jill shower? For the unitiated, it’s a pre-wedding party where both the bride and groom are the guests of honour! It was the first time I’d heard of the term so I had to google it. The bride-to-be wanted simple ‘fun’ pops so we settled on his-and-hers round cake pops.

Rugby ball cake pops

  I got caught up in footy fever over the weekend anyway as I had to make 50 Steeden ball cake pops. I must say, I don’t watch or understand rugby. Luckily, there were rugby balls all around. Firstly, I went to Rebel to get my hands on the ball to see and feel it […]

Butterfly and flower cake pops

  “Theme of pink and purple, and do anything you like.” I love these kind of briefs! I learnt the cake was going to have some butterflies and flowers so I decorated with these and happily overdosed on sweet.      

Ballet cake pops

I love to watch a ballet – the extreme grace and perfect lines of the dancers take my breath away. As a young girl, I took ballet lessons for about 6 years. I wasn’t a talented dancer but I loved it anyway. These ballet cake pops’ tutus are made up of Cadbury white chocolate. The […]


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